Podcast Marketing Kit: Email Sequences + Strategy for Podcasters

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Elevate your podcast's presence and listener engagement with our 'Podcast Marketing Kit: Email Sequences + Strategy for Podcasters.' This comprehensive kit is your solution to crafting a compelling welcome sequence and nurturing journey for your audience, without the hefty price tag of a custom sequence.

What's included in this podcast email marketing kit?

Understanding the importance of a well-crafted welcome sequence, this kit includes not just the email templates but also the strategic framework behind them. Our 5-step signature process guides you in creating a conversion-focused sequence that effectively nurtures your audience and primes them for your call-to-action, whether it's selling a product or signing up for a program.

Lead Magnet Essentials and Automation Insights

Additionally, the kit provides a lead magnet refresher to help you create an offering that truly resonates with and stands out to your audience. With sample automation maps, you’ll understand exactly how to set up and tag your emails within your marketing platform for optimal engagement.

Customizable for Your Podcast's Unique Voice 

Each component of this kit is designed to be customized to fit your podcast’s unique style and goals. They provide the foundation, and you bring your brand’s personality to life.

Immediate Access for Immediate Action Upon purchase, you'll receive a PDF with all the components of the kit, along with a download link sent directly to your email. This quick access allows you to start enhancing your podcast marketing strategy right away.

Why podcast marketing is crucial

Podcast marketing is vital in today's digital landscape. It goes beyond just sharing your content; it’s about building a relationship with your listeners. Effective email marketing strategies can significantly increase your podcast downloads and listener loyalty. By nurturing your audience through well-thought-out email sequences, you enhance their engagement and anticipation for each episode, turning casual listeners into dedicated fans.


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Podcast Marketing Kit: Email Sequences + Strategy for Podcasters

Podcast Marketing Kit: Email Sequences + Strategy for Podcasters

Regular price $197.00
Sale price $197.00 Regular price

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"Obsessed with my new SLO funnel sequence! I kept getting hung up on the email part and cart abandonment situations. This solved EVERYTHING!"

Jenny E.


"I just finished the 3rd episode/module of The School of Email: Podcaster's Edition and it is FANTASTIC!!!"

Dianne F.

Packed with value!

"This was the best money I have spent in a long time! Magan's templates are packed with value!"

Emily C.

So organized!

"I love how organized you keep everything in these templates!"


I was blown away!

"Your welcome email sequence was AMAZE-BALLS! It had everything I could need to understand the flow of and create my very own welcome sequence...I was blown away by your over delivery and the organization and creative beauty used to present it all! This sequence was a whole vibe!"


Holy Smokes!

"Holy Smokes! I've had templates before, but these are better than anything I've seen! You get so much more than the templates - you get the automation map to show you what to send and when along with best practices for those tricky 'if this, then that' scenarios!"

Ashley C.

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